Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea began with just 3 barrels.  The extraordinary conditions of a sea voyage that included stops at 5 different continents and 4 crossings of the equator produces a whiskey of distinct character. Our owner, Jimmy Cole, was invited to select a Single Barrel from the 4th Voyage as an exclusive bottling for our store.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea comes from a mash bill that includes 25%-30% rye and is aged 6-7 years before beginning its sea voyage. The shipping container that holds the barrels must be kept on the top level on the bow of the ship to maximize the amount of sunlight and temperature changes while on it’s 10 months at sea.


Aromas of vanilla and dried fruit give hints of sweetness as dry toasted wood balances out the nose.  Spicy notes begin on the palate, but move quickly to characters of caramel and vanilla.  The distinct character of rye comes through on the finish, before brown sugar lingers in a rounded sweetness.

We have a bottle open and available for samples.  Come by the store anytime and ask for a taste.