Although it is often associated with tropical beaches, Caribbean Islands, and pirates, no other spirit has had as much impact on American history as Rum.  To satisfy the early colonists demand for rum, the first distillery was built on Staten Island in 1664. The production of Rum became a big industry for the colonies and the most popular drink in America.  Increased taxes from on imported sugar and molasses used by distillers to make rum led to the “no taxation without representation” and eventually the American Revolution.

Prichard’s Distillery, from Kelso Tennessee, kept this history in mind when they started to produce their Fine Rum that they call “a historically accurate recreation of the Colonial rums produced over 200 years ago.”  Made from sugar cane and molasses grown in Louisiana, Prichard’s uses two different stills during distillation before being aged in smaller 15 gallon charred white oak casks for at least 3 years.  By using smaller barrels (most spirits are aged in 52 gallon barrels) Prichard’s Fine Rum ages gracefully, and with more character.

The first impression on the nose of Prichard’s Fine Rum brings to mind sweetness of dark caramel, graham cracker, and cinnamon with the faintest hint of wood.  Uniquely light and delicate, the sweet aromas give way to more floral flavors before a long finish of spicy oak.

Prichard’s Fine Rum is available for $29.99.  We have bottles open and available for samples.